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Powers Coffee JP-1100 Coffee Machine

Powers Coffee JP-1100 Coffee Machine

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Leading the way with the most advanced, automatic coffee machine in the industry, Powers Coffee JP-1100 marries quality, customization, and usability. With 16 pre-programmed drink options, this machine features touchscreen navigation, customizable grinding and brewing options, and an automatic self-rinsing function. Perfect for any space, the Powers Coffee JP-1100 delivers a café experience right from your kitchen. We hold true to the 5 fundamentals of quality coffee, ensuring each cup is the world’s best cup of coffee.


  • Freshness: Beans freshly ground with each cup
  • Water: Select volume and temperature
  • Grind: Adjustable grind based on roast
  • Proportion: Customize water to espresso ratio for a stronger or more mellow flavor
  • Equipment: Sleek, aesthetic, efficient, and the perfect addition to your home or office

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